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2019 New Bulbs have arrived and we have been shipping them to our customers !

* Received order on Tuesday-fast... Love the color of the swag light. Our feathered friends have been enjoying the straw toy that accompanied the order from the moment I put it in. Thanks for all of your help. "Bird People" are the best!!

* My birds love the light. SH

* Kathy, we received the LED lights and have installed them, and the birds LOVE them! Thank you so much for the great customer service and product! JM

*I recently bought two Featherbright universal lights with moonlight and my birds love them! I have two rescue parakeets, whose feathers have become much more vibrant with the help of featherbright! I recently ordered my second light for my new rescue cockatiel who came to me with dull, broken and tattered feathers. I cannot wait to see her transform as I have my other birds. Their vibrant feathers and bright eyes are the indication of improved health and happiness. They also enjoy the moonlight feature and perch directly under it when I turn it on at night. I have attached before and after pictures of them. The first 3 are befores. The next ones are of their new lamp and the final ones are of them after their new light. Thank you for helping to transform their lives!

Meg Augeson Grand Rapids, MN

* The silver truly matches my cage. Set up was a breeze. You only need to put it on top of the cage. I'm attaching a picture of my cage with the light system. My caiques specially love their new blue moonlight.

* I recently bought a featherbrite dome cage top light from your company and I needed to write and tell you how pleased I am with your product. I thought I would never see my lovebird fully feathered again as she is a feather picker, but when I bought the light, that changed. Right away she stopped plucking and she is 98% feathered again. At her worst ever, she only had primaries, down and tail feathers left, no contour feathers whatsoever. Thank you so much for your wonderful product and I will surely recommend it to all bird lover's I know.

* Thanks for the great service, my parrots are really enjoying the light.

* I just wanted to say "thanks" for the great light. I just got it and have it working after a very brief, easy set-up. The design is perfect, complete with the wire extender (very well thought out). I have had my African grey for a year, and spent last winter aimlessly searching for a light solution that I could fit in very tight quarters. Needless to say, I ended up with nothing. I came across your product recently and it fits the bill perfectly. It's a great, compact design and I'm so happy I can finally deliver the full spectrum light I know my bird needs. Thanks again!

* It arrived, and it works beautifully. I think my canary will be delirious.

* The FeatherBrite full spectrum light was exactly as described and fits perfectly on my parrot's domed cage. He loves it! The light is well-designed and well-made.

* Great item! My parakeet really loves it. I will definitely be back within a year to replace it (that is normal lifespan of broad spectrum UV lights). Great product, highly recommended for the health of your budgie!

* Product came on time and is really worth it. My birds have calmed down and seem much happier.

* Fantastic customer service and prompt delivery. My green cheek conure seems to love her new light! Thanks!

* Our birds can't get close enough to this light. It makes them happy, I'm happy!

*Just want you to know that I received the light. It is an excellent product, and very easy to remove whenever Sparky is out of his cage. He loves it, too, sitting under it every chance he gets during the day. Thanks again.

*This is the best light for bird cages! This is the third one I've bought so now all three of my birds have one.

*This light has made a dramatic difference with our bird's behavior, it's like a super-charger for our Ciaque. I had no idea it would make such a difference after just a few days, it's like he's four months old again.

*Thank you for your super fast shipping and for a very nice product! Sincerely, Grace Nichol

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