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FeatherBrite Lights

FeatherBrite lights are designed with your pet bird's health and safety in mind. FeatherBrite makes the finest quality avian cage top-mounted lamps in the world, and your pet birds will love theirs. Bulbs are easy to change, and the units are easy to clean and maintain.

FeatherBrite Light Capitol Swag Light Universal Light On a Cage

Light Features of the "capitol" universal

Each light measures 10 1/2" x 11 inches wide with the wire cage attachment on and is 10 inches high, assembled. The wire extender is 12 inches in length. The electric cord is eight feet long, and the entire unit weighs approximately 2.5 pounds. More features include:

  • Light shades handcrafted from aluminum
  • Durable, non-toxic powder coat finishes
  • Built-in light diffusers distribute light evenly
  • Stainless steel safety wire extenders keep the electrical cords a safe distance from cages
  • Ceramic sockets are featured, and on/off switches are on the electric cords
  • The cage attachments are stainless steel and easy to attach to almost every style cage, including cages with a flat, dome, Victorian, and play tops
  • Loops can be used for hanging swings, toys, treats, etc.
  • All lights include our FeatherBrite 16w 5500k daytime full spectrum bulb, and the FeatherBrite LED UV bulb
  • Made in the USA!

Close-Up Of the Light

Bulbs with Info

Funtime Birdy Playgym

This is an Electrical Device

A wire extender is provided to keep the electrical cord a safe distance from the cage and your bird. Please be sure that your bird cannot reach the cord. If you allow your pet to come out of the cage to play, unplug, and remove the light from the cage. Do not let them play with the bulb or with the electrical cord. FeatherBrite is not responsible for any damages if these directions are not followed.

Light Attachment Instructions

The stainless steel wire supports can be mounted in either direction front to back or right to left, depending on your cage bars. After attaching the light fixture to the supports, push the large loops between the cage bars. You can slightly push or pull the supports to fit, and they should fit securely. We recommend you attach the light so that the wire extender is far enough towards the back of the cage so that your pet cannot bite the cord.  The loops can be used to hang toys, treats, or whatever your pet likes.

FunTime Birdy Playgyms

Birds have a lot of energy and love to play. They will have hours of playtime on these quality play stands. These play stands are bird-tested and approved! Playgyms are shipped directly from the manufacturer.

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