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Dome Top Cage 24x22

Dome Top Cage 24x22
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Product Description

Non-Toxic and Bird Safe!

Exterior Dimensions: Width 24" Depth 22" Height 61"

Interior Dimensions: Width 24" Depth 22" Height 39"

Bar Spacing: 3/4"

Bar Thickness: 4mm


* Dome top with perch and feeder bowls

* Lower removable cleaning tray

* Lower removable grate

* Interior Perch

* Multiple feeder doors and feeding bowls

* Complete set of Seed Guards

* 4 Screw in Casters

* Breeder Box Door

Good for:

Lovebird Cockatiel Conure; Nanday, Sun, Jenday, Blue Crown, Cherry Head Parakeets Budgies Quakers Australian Parakeet

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